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Health & Wellness

We love contributing to your pet’s well-being, which is why we recommend wellness visits for all pets at all stages of life. A wellness visit is a routine check-up where we focus on preventative care. These visits include annual wellness exams, vaccinations, nutritional counseling, and sick pet visits—all with the goal of helping your pet achieve their highest level of health.

Healthy Pet Visits

Healthy pet visits are the most important part of your pet’s preventative care. We focus on the whole pet, not just symptoms. We prioritize pet parent education, thorough exams, vaccines, supplements, and nutritious diets to promote long-term pet health.

During your healthy pet visit, we’ll discuss:

  • Your pet’s diet to ensure they’re receiving the proper nutrients for their age, size, and activity level
  • Behavioral concerns that may impact a pet’s quality of life
  • Changes in diet, activity, or other areas that may concern you
  • Vaccinations and supplements your pet needs to maintain their health

Specific Wellness Areas of Focus

We recommend at least one health and wellness visit a year to go along with any vaccine requirements, allowing us to detect issues early and keep your pets feeling their very best.

Heartworm prevention

We recommend heartworm prevention in both cats and dogs year round. We live in a high risk area and this disease is much easier and safer to prevent than it is to treat.

Year round flea and tick prevention

We have fleas in our area year round and therefore need year round prevention. We know that indoor pets are not immune to fleas and we want to make sure all of our patients are free from discomfort and disease these various parasites can cause.

Puppy and kitten care

Young animals have specific requirements from vaccines to nutrition, and we are here with you during this critical time in your pet’s life.


Many diseases can be controlled or even completely prevented with vaccines given at recommended intervals.  We work with owners and pets specific needs to determine the best vaccination plan for each patient.

Senior care

We know that senior patients have different requirements from development of arthritis, to age related disease, we are here to make your pet’s golden years as happy as possible.